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SeaScape Gift Baskets, Surrey, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Below is a newpaper article that appeared on May 30th 2005 in a Vancouver daily newspaper. We were thrilled to have been selected to be featured in the column that was producing articles on new small business in Vancouver BC.


SeaScape  Gift Baskets, Surrey, BC, Canada

Fexibility is Key: Doug Hamilton of SeaScape Gift Baskets has achieved sucess by allowing his customers to choose what beverages and other food options go into their gift baskets.

Name/Title: Doug Hamilton - Owner

Business: SeaScape Gift Baskets

Web Site/Address:

Number of employees: 2

Products/Service: Gourmet Gift Baskets

Years in service: In the Gift basket business since 2003

Whats Unique about your business: The web site design which allows personal selection of beverages, as well as options for customization of individual gift baskets. A lot of gift basket companies will sell you a gift basket where you can not easily change the contents.

What is your biggest success: My biggest success would be some of my corporate accounts I've managed to establish since starting up the business.

What is your biggest challenge: We focus on Internet sales. The biggest challenge is having a high enough profile on the internet to be found by search engines.

Plans/expansion: Most definately! Once the gift basket business is established well enough in Vancouver and BC, I would really like to open up affiliated gift basket companies in other cities.

SeaScape Gift Baskets goes to great lengths to ensure that the gift basket purchasing experience is comfortable. We place emphasis on Customer satisfaction and customer service and it is great to be rewarded by newspaper article like the one above.

Comments from other Corporate Customers

I received one of your custom gift baskets while attending a business conference in Coquitlam BC. Very Nice! One of the best gift baskets I have seen.
Jamie - Vancouver, BC, Canada

We used the Gourmet Gift Basket as a corparate gift door prize at the Abbottsford BC craft show. The response to your gift basket was overwhelming. Absolutely wonderful!
Dawn - Surrey, BC, Canada

I wanted you to know that we gave your gourmet gift basket to our building manager to thank him for his service. It brought tears to his eyes. He was thrilled to receive such a unique gift basket! I can't wait to give these gift baskets to my corporate clients and business associates.
Grace, Business Consultant - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Seascape Gift Baskets, Surrey, BC, Canada with Fed/Ex delivery to Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta accepts

Good morning, Barb! We just wanted to thank you for the most unexpected birthday gift. The gift basket is absolutely beautiful with all kinds of goodies in it!! We were so surprised with your kind gift. We really appreciate you your generosity and professionalism. We will enjoy everything in that basket, be assured, and look forward to doing business with you in the future!!!
Karen and Rod - Surrey, BC, Canada