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Need a festive Gift Basket for Christmas?

Christmas Baskets for personal gifts and corporate events

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Christmas is rapidly approaching. Check out our selection of Christmas baskets on the web site. We offer large Christmas baskets, smaller Christmas gifts wrapped in a painted Christmas oval tub, or Christmas trays which may be customized for your business or personal Christmas party needs. Our Christmas Gift Baskets make the perfect gift for all festive occasions. We allow you to shop easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home. Send that special Christmas gift that everyone loves to receive and have it personally delivered within the Lower Mainland. We also ship throughout BC, Alberta and Canada.

Christmas Traditions
Keep the Christmas Traditions alive with all the delicious Christmas treats in this festive gift. It comes with Walkers shortbread cookies, almond butter crunch by Fraser Valley Gourmet, Ferroro Rocher 16 piece, maple cream fudge, Sweetsmith gingerbread peanut brittle, chocolate wafers and a crunchy Cocobar chocolate bar.
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Christmas Visit
Make your Christmas visit extra special with this eye catching gift. This gift contains Cocoa truffles, Maple Cream Cookies, Chocolate Wafer Squares, Elki Crackers, Vanilla Chai Drink Mix, URGE Chocolate Bar, Brie Cheese, Three Peppercorn Crackers, Wine Mints and a beverage of your choice.
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Holiday Party
Get into the Holiday Spirit at your next Holiday Party with this eye-catching gift. The Holiday Spirit gift basket contains: Olive Oil Tuscan Crisps, Chocohappy Truffles, Focaccia Crisps, Dolcetto Rolled Wafers, Sonoma Jacks Cheese, Smoked Almonds, Artichoke Bruschetta, Cocoa Truffles, Sues Jerky and Coffee Candy in a keepsake crate container.
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Holiday Sweets
Sweeten up your Christmas with some delicious Holiday Sweets. This festive gift contains: Walkers Shortbread, Sweetsmith Gingerbread Peanut Brittle, Maple Treat Popcorn, Maple Cream Cookies, Espresso Candy, Saxon Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Truffles.
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SOLD OUT- Festive Gourmet- SOLD OUT
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SOLD OUT- Winter Wishes- SOLD OUT
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SOLD OUT - Starry Night - SOLD OUT
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SeaScape Gift Baskets will pack and ship Christmas gifts to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.