Tailored gifts in Vancouver for every Dad

Have you been searching high and low for something “different” for Dad this Father’s Day? Did you know that we can customize a gift to suit your Dads taste?

”My dad only likes salty snacks”

”My dad only likes to drink ___”

”My dad doesn’t like chocolate”

”Can I have ___ instead of ____”

YES we can customize that, we can pick up that certain type of alcohol for you, we can sub out this item for that.

To summarize…YES we can do that! At SeaScape we love to be creative and personalize gifts, it’s what we do and we truly enjoy it. Leave it to us to create something wonderful for your dad this Father’s Day!

Take a look at our Fathers Day gift collection here and if you can’t find something “just right”-  let us know what we can do to create the perfect gift for your dad!

Have a great night!