National Caesar Day May 16, 2019

MHHHMMM yum one of my most favorite drinks of all time has its very own day!

Tomorrow is the official day to celebrate the delicious Canadian drink The Caesar. You will find this delicious drink at most of your favorite restaurants and bars in Vancouver. You can either order the classic Caesar which usually comes in a celery salt rimmed glass with Clamato juice, Vodka, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime and a garnish such as green beans or olives. OR you can definitely find more unique creations at many restaurants that may include a mini appetizer on the rim of the glass and much more. A few months back we created a Caesar Gift Basket that has been very popular for many different types of gift occasions, such as a birthday, thank you, hostess gift and more. Our Caesar gift basket comes with all of the essential ingredients you need to create the perfect Caesar at home on May 16- click here to shop!

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