5 Quick and Easy Ways to Organize Clutter

Did you know that all of the containers that you receive from our unique gift baskets can be easily reused in your household or office? Here are a few quick and oh so easy ideas to organize the clutter in your life.

Wine Bottles: Our trendy and sturdy wooden crates are perfect for wine bottle storage. Place 4-6 bottles in the crate and store in the cupboard, pantry or even on the countertop to showcase your favourites.

Towels: We all do it, get into the shower and forget to grab that much needed towel! This idea is ideal for the guest bathroom. Simply fold 4-6 towels, roll them up and place them in one of our sea grass or wicker containers. Now those towels are handy at an arms reach, your guests will thank you 🙂

Dog Accessories: Who knew that the furry little creature in your home would come with so much baggage? Our tins and buckets are a great addition on top of your entry way table to hold the everyday necessities for your fur baby.

Chargers/Cords: Oh the lovely chargers and cords that seem to be in every corner of our home. Do we even know what they are all for? Throw them all in one of our gift boxes, close the gift box lid and shut the drawer!

Makeup/Self Care: Makeup, toothpaste, deodorant, face cream – you name it, we need it everyday! Our wicker baskets with no lid are a great size so your product will be easy to grab on those rushed mornings.

Happy organizing this weekend!